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“What we stand for is what we stand on” Wendell Berry

220 million plastic bottles are produced every day.

80% of them end up in landfills.

It takes 450 years for each bottle to decompose. Every plastic bottle we ever used is still somewhere on the planet.

These numbers and the toll single use plastic bottles have on our planet drove our founder Samiksha Ganeriwal to find an innovative solution. She was acutely aware that every time she bought something in single use plastic containers, she was choking the planet even more. The market had no eco - friendly alternative. This motivated her to create an alternative – paper bottles that are 100% compostable.

We are pioneers in making paper bottles but the journey till here was marked with challenges. However, due to our belief in our product and the faith of our investors we are now producing paper bottles at a large scale. Our bottles are durable, compostable and the home-grown solution to single use plastic bottles.