Bamboo Bottle

Introducing Bamboo-Reinforced Bottles:
Elevate Your Packaging, Embrace Sustainability

Plastic has become an important part of our lives.But did you know that every plastic product begins with fossil fuel consumption?

Join Kagzi in its movement towards a sustainable future by reducing our dependence on petrochemicals. Let’s embrace an ecological and recyclable packaging solution that doesn't compromise performance or style with our Bamboo-Reinforced Bottles.

*not for food contact applications*

Why Choose Bamboo-Reinforced Bottles?

The Power of Bamboo-Reinforced Materials

Because that’s what nature is calling for. In a world where eco-friendly choices matter more than ever, our bottles stand as a beacon of mindful consumerism. Crafted with cutting-edge composite materials, these eco-friendly Bamboo-Reinforced Bottles help you:

Bio-Based: The Power of Bamboo-Reinforced Materials

At the heart of our bamboo-reinforced bottles lies the power of composite materials. These materials come straight from aerospace applications to your home and store shelves.

Our bottles harness the incredible strength of bamboo fibers blended seamlessly with advanced polymers. With the strength and convenience of processing with conventional synthetic materials, these bottles deliver exceptional sturdiness while retaining the natural charm of bamboo.

The composite not only exhibits increased drop impact strength but also significantly helps cut down the carbon footprint linked with production.

A Sustainable Revolution

With the urgent need to reduce single-use plastics, our bamboo-reinforced bottles provide an elegant solution. Choosing our bottles means saying goodbye to disposable plastics and a big HELLO to a cleaner environment, healthier skies, and a brighter future.

It has been predicted that there will be 10 million metric tons of growth in the market for petrochemicals, which are used to make plastics, every year through 2050. Moreover, plastic consumption surged fourfold in the last 30 years, reaching 460 million tons in 2019.

So, how are we going to bring a change?

Saving the Planet, One Bottle at a Time!

For every 1 million bottles used, we save a whopping 1 ton of plastic from polluting our ecosystems. It's a measurable impact that illustrates the power of our choices. By opting for bamboo-reinforced bottles, you're not just making a personal statement; you're actively participating in a movement to protect our planet's natural beauty.

Recyclable & Earth-Conscious

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the bottle's initial use of raw material. These bottles are a symbol of innovation as these are:

  1. Designed with recyclability in mind, promoting a circular economy.
  2. Can be repurposed into new products after their lifecycle.
  3. A responsible choice for the environment and an investment in a brighter future.

Join the Movement

Embrace the bamboo-reinforced bottle revolution! Become part of the journey toward a cleaner, greener future. Make a mindful choice to replace single-use plastics with our Bamboo-Reinforced Bottle that embodies innovation, sustainability, and style.

Whether you need bottles in different shapes, sizes, colors, or volumes, we can help you reduce your plastic waste footprint. Let’s protect our environment together and leave a legacy of responsible consumerism for generations to come.

*Choose bamboo reinforced bottles - where sustainability & versatility meet strength and save Earth from 1 ton of plastic for every 10 lakh bottles used.*


“What we stand for is what we stand on” Wendell Berry

220 million plastic bottles are produced every day.

80% of them end up in landfills.

It takes 450 years for each bottle to decompose. Every plastic bottle we ever used is still somewhere on the planet.

These numbers and the toll single use plastic bottles have on our planet drove our founder Samiksha Ganeriwal to find an innovative solution. She was acutely aware that every time she bought something in single use plastic containers, she was choking the planet even more. The market had no eco - friendly alternative. This motivated her to create an alternative solution that is recyclable, reduces plastic significantly and is truly eco friendly.

We are working on making India’s first paper bottle but the journey till here is marked with challenges. Our team is working hard to fulfil this dream and soon we will have a 100% biodegradable solution to liquid packaging.